Vigo JVM User Group

Vigo JVM User Group (or VigoJUG that is shorter) is a tech community born in Vigo with the purpose of join professional and amateurs programmers or even non technical people that want to learn about everything that runs over the JVM.





"facendo piƱa" with VigoTech Alliance

VigoTech Alliance is an open community that groups all the tech communities from Vigo in only one place, this makes that all of the technical groups form the city works together in the same direction and also makes more easy share knowledge and resources between them.

Upcoming Meetup

We have not yet confirmed our next meetup

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Past Meetups

Call for Papers

Do you have any idea to make a talk?
Remember that there is no reason that you need to be a "master" on the topic, you just need to feel like doing it and share your knowledge with other people.
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This group or community is possible thanks to all our sponsors that give us the prizes that we give in the meetups, the place to do the meetups itself along with other resources and the post-meetup beers.

Get in touch

We are on #VigoJUG channel inside the VigoTech slack group.

Join us! It is free and is a good place for networking and there are other interesting channels from the other Vigo tech communities.